Sleep Matters

Deep Restorative Sleep – How To Get It

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There are various ways to improve the quality of deep restorative sleep that people get each night. Although a person requires every stage of sleep, deep sleep is the most crucial for brain health and function.

If the body doesn’t get enough sleep by morning, the body will make up for it for the next time it can get some sleep by speedily going through the cycle to get to the highest levels of sleep more quickly and remain there longer.

A study showed that people who engaged in cyclic mediation -an exercise that mix yoga poses and rest periods that involve lying on your back -were more likely to have restorative deep and slow waves of sleep.

While you’re not in complete control of your sleeping patterns, however, you can take steps to increase the chances of a positive transition through each sleep stage.

What Are The Stages Of Sleep?

The two major sleep categories are fast eye movement (REM) sleep as well as non-REM sleep. Each one has its distinct phases.

Sleep stages

Four stages of sleep include three stages in the non-REM sleep phase and REM sleep.

Stage One

It is common to begin the sleep cycle in stage 1 of non-REM sleeping.

The first phase in the sleep cycle is known as a period of transition. Here the brain and body transition from a state of alertness to one of rest.

Stage two

The second phase of non-REM sleeping is a light stage of sleep. It takes place as the body begins transitioning into a deeper sleep.

In stage 2, the body is in a more relaxed state. It includes dropping the temperature, relaxed muscles and a slowing of breathing as well as heartbeat.

Stage 2 sleep may last for between 10 and 25 minutes in the sleep cycle that begins, and each stage of N2 may get longer in the night.

Stage 2 is responsible for approximately 50% of the sleep cycle.

Stage Three

While the body goes through a few cycles during sleep, the final stage is more prolonged in the early part into the dark.

REM sleep and stage 3 of the sleep cycle are the most crucial phases of sleep.

Stage Four

It is the final stage of sleep. In this period, your body heals and regenerates tissues, improves its defense system and develops muscle and bone. It is REM sleep, which is the most profound level of rest.

This phase of the sleep cycle is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and memory. Also, it helps the brain recover and rest after the day’s thinking which allows it to replenish its energy through glucose to fuel the next day.

For instance, deep sleep is the kind of sleep that will allow you to feel refreshed after you awake in the early morning.

How do I get an uninterrupted, restorative night of sleep?

There are a few ways to have a better night’s sleep and deeper sleep every night, allowing you to wake up feeling more refreshed and relaxed.

Exercise daily

Start exercising early in the day, and then you can try yoga or stretching exercises to ease your muscles and your mind when you go to bed.

Exercise moderately has been proven to increase the amount of sleep that you are getting and is essential to recover,” says Conor Heneghan, PhD, the Head of the Sleep Research Laboratory at Fitbit.  However, don’t exercise vigorously before going to bed.

You can listen to white or pink noise

This kind of noise improves the quality of sleep and boosts memory during old age.

Research has found that sleeping with a pink sound or a white noise machine increases the quality of sleep measured objectively in patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment. It results  in improvement of memory with time.

Suppose you live in the heart of the city or have noisy neighbours. Consider making use of white noises to block out any sounds that could be hindering you from falling asleep. If you’re looking to improve your deep sleep, you could benefit from listening to pink sounds.

Skip Night Caffeine

Caffeine can be very detrimental to your sleep quality, even at moderate levels. It is a stimulant that absorbs into the body in a very short time which causes increased blood pressure as well as heart rates. It also reduces Adenosine’s effects, that is the reason we feel tired. Adenosine is the chemical responsible for the drowsiness we experience as it builds up over the day. Please stay clear of coffee altogether or restrict your consumption to the early morning hours to ensure an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Stay clear of the temptations of the night-cap

Do you wake up refreshed and ready for the day after a good night’s sleep? It is because your body is designed to give you the best night’s sleep. A new study has found that those who drink alcohol to help them fall asleep experience less-than-optimal sleep. The body keeps fighting the effects of alcohol when you’re sleeping, causing you to be exhausted the following day. You require a bedtime routine that ensures a deep, restorative sleep.

Make sure you invest in a good mattress

The bed is where people spend a third of their lives. If you sleep on a mattress that is not comfortable, it is causing problems for your overall health. With a comfortable quality mattress, you will avoid neck and back pain and get a good and restful sleep. A quality mattress is crucial to get a good night’s rest. However, not all mattresses are created equal. Many of the mattresses sold today aren’t the best. There are many types of mattresses available with the majority being either too hard or soft or don’t provide enough support. It’s essential to find the right mattress for your body. Andy’s Options mattress means you’ll never have to settle for normal, or for just one type of sleeping comfort. It is a mattress that is of high quality and an excellent investment for your overall health wellbeing.

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Use an eye-mask

The best method to ensure a good night’s sleep is to ensure you get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Many people experience difficulties falling asleep or waking up at midnight. The answer to this issue is to put on the use of an eye mask. A mask for the eyes is essential to get high-quality sleep. Most people can’t sleep due to lighting from mobile phones, street lamps and various other sources. If you’d like to rest like a baby, you must wear a mask for your eyes.

One study showed that wearing eye masks for participants led to more REM sleep and higher melatonin levels.

woman wearing eye mask

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

The most crucial thing an individual can do to boost the amount of sleep they have every night is to put aside more time for sleeping.

Sleeping is essential for your mind, body and to improve your overall quality of living.

Set the same time of bed each evening for a week and then shift the time 15 minutes earlier each week until you’ve achieved an enjoyable, restful quantity of rest.

Every stage of sleep is crucial to allow your body and mind to get up feeling refreshed.

The majority of people require more than 7 hours of sleep every night. The importance of sleeping cannot be overemphasized.